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  • Bhutan - Land of the Thunder Dragon

    Bhutan is a land of rich cultural diversity, magnificent mountain scenes and endless valleys. It is the only country where Buddhism is the state religion and the country measures its success by Gross National Happiness (GNH). The King of Bhutan said that a society which focuses on happiness means 'the creation of an enlightened society in which happiness and well-being of all people and sentient beings is the ultimate purpose of governance.'

    Known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan measures only 177km from the north to south and 200 from east to west. Bhutan boasts three distinct geographical zones; river valleys in the south, a high alpine zone (1500 - 4200m) and the high Himalayan range from 4200m all the way to the highest peak in Bhutan, Gangkhar Puensum at 7570m.

    The high alpine zone is characterized by harsh winters, short summers, shallow stony soils and strong winds, but it also boasts a diversity of flowers, from buttercups, anemones, larkspurs, everlasting flowers and asters to dandelions and thistles

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  • Seasons in Bhutan

    Bhutan experiences four distinct seasons, each one varying dependant on the altitude.

    Spring (March to May) is considered to be the most beautiful time of the year, as it is then that all of the local flowers come into bloom turning the low lying valleys into a wash of colour. It is also the time of the Paro tsechu festival.

    Autumn (September to November) brings crisp clear blue skies, allowing for stunning uninterrupted mountain views. it is the prime time for trekking.

    June to August (Summer) is monsoon season. Bhutan, however, does not receive the high level of rainfall that other countries in the region do, and when it does rain, it is generally confined to the afternoons.

    Winter (December to February) is cool and sunny and a great time to visit the area. However, many of the areas are snowbound, particularly in the east.